Humans and the obvious

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Beautiful day, huh?

Every so often, we say things, we comment on things. And that’s how we communicate, that’s how we start conversations,…that’s how we end discussions 🙂

I met my best friend on the road this morning and one if the first two sentences I said to her included the words “you’re smart!”. Of course she is. I am aware of that and she is aware of that. Heck, everyone can see it.  That’s why she dressed up this morning , that’s why she bought that wine red dress in the first place, so she could be smart.

As human beings, there is this need to keep stating the most obvious of things. Have never understood why, but am human after all. I keep hearing things like, you are tall, that’s a nice car, nice shoes; well, it’s not evil and it’s necessary.

It is necessary because sometimes, and only sometimes it reminds us of some obvious truths that we should not forget like the simple fact that you and I will one day be no more. Perhaps we say these things because after that time, there will be no chance of acknowledging them.

And, what some people may perceive as a lack of originality and lack of insight may be perceived by others to be a supportive thought and a push to agree with something in a way that may add value to the discussion. This thought may help create consensus and focus attention on a particular point of agreement that may lead to increased discussion and clarity.

You fell down? Did it hurt?


Men Cheating Vs Women Cheating

So, today during a lunch break. My colleagues and I had this interesting discussion about cheating in romantic relationships. When it comes this field(relationships), everyone has their own reservations, expectations, considerations. Now, all this affects the way the relationship goes , how long it lasts and how strong it will be. ….it also gives people like us what to write about 🙂

Okay, okay back to the main topic, the point of discussion was along these lines “Is it the same thing when a man cheats and when a woman cheats? “. Wait. Didn’t catch that. You just answered with something. Right? Not sure? Now, Colleague A (a guy) on the lunch table felt strongly that it is not the same thing!

“What?” went the girl at the other end of the table, “It is the same thing because you are seeing someone else apart from your partner!….”  Other girl, “Whether you are a man or a woman, it is the same thing! Both of them hurt!”

As it turns out, Colleague A had done his research on this particular subject, “In all religions and beliefs of the world, there is nowhere that a woman is allowed to have two men, ” Colleague A went on “actually, in some religions, it is fine for men to marry more than one woman”.  He went on to mention how God created a man, as the first prototype and blah blah. Colleague B (consider him to be an  innocent by stander) mentioned some tribe in Uganda where a woman can marry several men,…lol. An analogy was made about a key that can open many padlocks and that would be master key and a padlock that can be operated by many keys that would have something wrong with it.

Well, if this was a debate, it ended before the winner was identified. I hope to gather some more points next lunch break…hopefully, can’t promise anything. What’s your say?


The Question of life

It is believed that, if ever one day, someone discovers the absolute answer to the question of life, the universe and everything.., the universe will instantly disappear and be replaced with something even more bizarre!! It is also believed that this has already happened.